Railhead is a new book by Philip Reeve set in a science-fiction galaxy with planets linked railheadby interstellar trains. It sounded weird to me too when I first saw it, but trust me, it works. If you like trains, planets and sky stingrays than you should probably read this. If you don’t, you should probably read this too. It’s that good.

Zen Starling, the protagonist, lives on a dump of a planet and lives by stealing things. He does that by taking a train away to another planet through space going through strange gates. But then he is kidnapped to steal something. And, from there, things just get weirder.

This has no equal in terms of its universe. Philip Reeve has given us another strange world with funny little references to “Old Earth.” Action filled yet strangely real, it made me read it twice in two days.

Final Verdict: 5/5. A masterpiece.


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