Magyk is an amazing book from the author Angie Sage. It is the first in a series of seven magykbooks about Septimus Heap. If anyone here likes magic, castles, rivers or more magic, then this is the  book for you.

On a cold, snowy night Silas Heap is making his way back from the forest(where he was looking for his grandfather, who had turned into a tree), he discovers a little baby lying in the snow, so he takes it in. When he gets home a midwife rushes out of his house with his dead son, born that night. Nobody notices the difference between the two so the baby is taken in and named Jenna. Then, ten years later, an assassin tries to kill Jenna. Jenna, one of her brothers, her father and a wizard have to escape through the marshes without knowing what’s in their way…

Overall it is an exciting and crazy book, where the smallest thing has the biggest consequences, and I recommend it to anyone 10 or older. When I read it, it sucked me in and trapped me there until I was finished.

Final verdict:5/5. Excellent.


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