Skulduggery Pleasant

skulduggeryWritten by the Irish author Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant is a book for anyone who likes magic, hidden worlds, Dublin, Ireland, skeletons or even old cars, and a book for anyone who doesn’t as well. (It’s that good.)

You’re probably thinking “Why is magic and cars in the same book?” Well, the story is set in Ireland, which has a secret community of “sorcerers and mages,” and one of these is Stephanie Edgeley, (12), but she doesn’t know it… until her uncle dies and she inherits his big house. Soon, while staying overnight in her uncle’s house, she is attacked by a sorcerer. Then, she is saved by Skulduggery Pleasant, the suit-wearing skeleton detective with a 1958 Bentley. From then on, things just keep getting weirder…

I would recommend this to ten year olds and up. The humour alone is enough to make you want to read this, but add in the fast-paced action and unique style of writing and it creates an unputdownable book.

Final verdict:5 out of 5. Crazy.



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