The Warrior Cats series


The Warrior Cats series is perfect for anyone who likes cats, betrayal and adventures. The series starts as a pet cat called Rusty wanders into a forest and is recruited by a “Clan” of cats called ThunderClan. It then follows his adventures as he fights three other clans, discovers truths and secrets and faces his nemesis, Tigerclaw. The books are written by Erin Hunter, a pen name used by three different writers and the editor.

Followed by four more series and with another being written (as of July 12 2016) these books will keep you interested in the intrigue until your next birthday. The best thing about this series of books is that you will never look at your cat in the same way again. “Tibbles, do you go away every full moon to meet other cats?”

Overall I enjoyed this series as the betrayal, false parents and kitten loss keeps you on your toes. (Sounds vicious, doesn’t it?) Ages 9 and up should enjoy these stories most.

Final verdict: Exciting. 4.5 out of 5.

For upwards of age 9.


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