The Scavenger Series

The Scavenger Seriscavenger zoides

The Scavenger series, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (you may know him from his amazing illustrations), is a science fiction/dystopian/apocalyptic style book set in a continent-sized spaceship (The Biosphere) which has been overrun by robots called ‘zoids,’ who are hunting down the last human survivors like we hunt rats.

We start the story with a ‘scavenger,’ a boy who destroys zoids for their pieces. This boy’s home is then destroyed by the zoids and everyone except him is captured, so he heads off to rescue them… On his journey he sees or is attacked by weird creatures and some of the places are weird or crazy, like tube forests and power pylons; all the stuff you’d find in a derelict spaceship. This is complemented brilliantly by Chris Riddell’s wonderfully detailed illustrations.

Overall the book is enjoyable and there is also a second and third book published recently, with more to come. I would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi or robots or apocalypses.

Final verdict: Ingenious. 4.5 stars out of 5



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