Railhead is a new book by Philip Reeve set in a science-fiction galaxy with planets linked by interstellar trains. It sounded weird to me too when I first saw it, but trust me, it works. If you like trains, planets and sky stingrays than you should probably read this. If you don’t, you should probably read… Continue reading Railhead

13 Days of Midnight

13 Days of Midnight is a relatively new book from a very new author, Leo Hunt. For anyone who likes ghosts, demons, obscure summoning rituals and occult mysteries, then this is for you. It has also been compared to Skulduggery Pleasant. When Luke’s estranged father dies, Luke inherits six million dollars and… some ghosts. Some are helpful…… Continue reading 13 Days of Midnight

Skulduggery Pleasant

Written by the Irish author Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant is a book for anyone who likes magic, hidden worlds, Dublin, Ireland, skeletons or even old cars, and a book for anyone who doesn’t as well. (It’s that good.) You’re probably thinking “Why is magic and cars in the same book?” Well, the story is set… Continue reading Skulduggery Pleasant